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Get to Know Some of our Athletes.

We'd love to feature you too! If you are a ThunderDome athlete and want to be featured on this page please contact us at

Name: Kyle         Location: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin         Age: 26
Weekly Mileage: 60-75
Original PR’s: 5K 16:59 / Half-Marathon 1:21:12  /  Marathon 3:13:34
ThunderDome PR’s: 5K 16:20  /  Half-Marathon 1:17:08  /  Marathon 2:52
Favorite Race: Brewer's Mini
Favorite Running pump up song: Eyedea & Abilities - Paradise

"A runner must run with dreams in his heart." - Emil Zatopek

Name: Marek          Location: Brookfield, Wisconsin         Age: 41
Weekly Mileage: 60-95
Original PR’s: Marathon 2:38:45 / Half-Marathon  75:47 / 8k 28:17
ThunderDome PR’s: Marathon 2:35:23 / Half-Marathon 75:25 / 8k 26:43
Favorite Race: Boston Marathon & whatever race is a Marathon PR - currently Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon
Favorite Running pump up song: Foo Fighters - Best of You

Thunderdome has taken me to the next level of racing & setting PR's by creating & customizing personalized schedules that address my running deficiencies, while still recognizing what my strengths are.  Coach Thull has been the voice of reason & discipline, sharing his years of knowledge & experience, instrumental in my recent successes as a Masters racer.

Name:  Anne Marie Peterson            Location:  Lake Mills, WI             Age:  38

Weekly Mileage:  30-35

Original PR's:  5K  20:36  /  10K 44:06  /  Half Marathon 1:38:56  / Marathon 3:43

ThunderDome PR's:  5K  19:45  /  10K 43:29  /  Half Marathon 1:34:01  /  Marathon 3:27

Favorite Race:  One race I really like is the Horicon National Wildlife Refuge 5K.  It’s in fall and you run through the marsh on a road they closed to traffic.  It’s a small race and they do a great job putting it on.

Favorite Running pump up song:  We are young by Fun


Coach Matt of Thunderdome has helped me see times that I didn’t think I had in me anymore.  I have a busy life and with Thunderdome the guessing game of what I’m going to do each day or week is done for me.  Coach Matt is awesome!!

Name:  Igor Stevic          Location:  Whitefish Bay, WI          Age: 38
Weekly Mileage: 40-50
Original PR's:  Marathon 2:54:53
ThunderDome PR's:  Marathon 2:48:48 / 50-mile 6:25
Favorite Race: 2 mile
Favorite Running Pump-up Songs: No songs for me, I prefer the sound of my feet

ThunderDome has helped me train smarter and not harder. Over seven months, this training approach resulted in a 6 min marathon PR and overall shorter recovery times.

Name:   Lisa          Location: Wauwatosa, Wisconsin          Age: 53
Weekly Mileage: 30-35
PR’s before ThunderDome:  Half-Marathon   2:06:05
ThunderDome PR’s:  Half-Marathon - Premature to say - but it's gonna be awesome!
Favorite Race: Aldo Leopold 14m Ultra Trail Run (Devils Lake State Park)  One-time only :(
Favorite Running pump up song:  "The Battle" (from soundtrack Gladiator)

Before Thunderdome, I was bored, complacent, sluggish, and slow; ran because I HAD to (to maintain cardio health, to keep weight down). During Thunderdome: Wow, I can do that?  What a crazy workout!  I never thought running could be this FUN!  Can I just leave this meeting and go out for a run?

Name:  Betsy Kenyon          Location:  Altadena, California          Age: 46
Weekly Mileage: 30-40 miles per week
Favorite Race: Boston Marathon
Favorite Running pump up song:  Kodachrome

Matt is amazing! His workouts are challenging and rewarding and he "takes your pulse" making sure things are working for you. He is cheerful, enthusiastic and honest and there when you need him. He really cares. I am by far the fastest and strongest I've ever been.

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