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Welcome to ThunderDome Running.

ThunderDome Running offers customized running plans & personal coaching for distance runners of all abilities, from beginner to elite. With over 25 years of coaching & running experience, Coach Thull creates individualized training plans designed to meet your running needs, whatever they may be.


  • Training for a marathon - Boston, New York, Chicago, Lakefront - or another big race and want to make  it to the line in the best shape of your life?

  • Never run a step in your life?

  • Need someone to push you on your next workout or training run?

  • Been training for years but looking for better results?

  • Looking for someone to join you on your workouts or long runs?

  • Running your first marathon or 5K/10K & don’t know where to begin?

  • Are you a high school runner needing a detailed summer or winter training plan?

  • Can’t find the motivation to run & need a structured program?

  • Are you a post-collegiate runner aspiring to become a professional?

  • Are you an elite runner tired of coaching yourself and ready for a change?

  • Need assistance setting up a company wide running program to provide structure, goals, camaraderie & motivation?

Knowing what to do, how much to do and when to do it is sometimes difficult. You deserve a running coach to help you become a better runner and to encourage you to have fun with your training and racing.
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