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Personalized training plans for runners of all abilities.

Beginners - Masters Runners - Marathoners - Boston Qualifiers - Competitive - Busy Schedules

Looking to improve your time in your next race? Training for a marathon & don't know what to do? Never run a step in your life? Been training for years and want better results? ThunderDome creates individualized training plans designed to meet your running needs whatever they may be. Knowing what to do, how much to do and when to do it is sometimes difficult. You deserve a running coach to help you become a better runner and to encourage you to have fun with your training and racing.


Individualized Training Plans
Level 1
A day-by-day training plan designed for you and provided via email to meet your specific running goals. The training plan will include daily mileage, pace guidelines, detailed workouts and the reason behind the plan. Coach Matt is also available via email daily to answer any questions you have throughout your training and to tweak plans if necessary.    

$97 / 4-week training plan         

Level 2
Level 1 PLUS weekly, timed workouts and/or individual runs with Coach Matt in the Milwaukee area.  Pricing is based on your individual needs. Please inquire about pricing.


Private Training Runs with Coach Matt in the Greater Milwaukee Area
Looking for someone to push you to run harder on workout days, make sure you are on pace, help you get through your long run or just to get you out the door? Coach Matt offers limited one-on-one running sessions throughout the year. Please inquire early as individual training runs fill up quickly.
Pricing evaluated on an individual basis based on time & location.

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