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It Couldn't be Easier to Get Started!

Step 1
Complete the ThunderDome Running Client Questionnaire which includes details on your running history, training habits, past injury concerns, and future goals. Click HERE to request the initial questionnaire.

Step 2
Upon completion of the Questionnaire an initial consultation (FREE of charge) will be conducted via phone or email to discuss your running needs and what ThunderDome Running can offer you and what you can expect from your ThunderDome coaching experience.

Step 3
Make the commitment to yourself to be dedicated to a daily training plan that will be both challenging and fun. Please sign and return the ThunderDome Running waiver that has been emailed to you and we will choose the date for your training to begin.

Step 4
Once payment is made & coaching waiver is signed & submitted you will receive your 4-week training plan via email.

Step 5
It is time to begin your training! Coach Matt is available via email to review, analyze, tweak and discuss your weekly training.

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